According to the MadNewReal Barometer

  • Since the beginning of this unusual situation, at MADISON we have been concerned with investigating consumer behavior and their expectations with brands from different sectors of activity throughout these months. This has been carried out through various studies, such as the one carried out last spring on the impact of COVID-19 on citizens and continuing with the MAD New Real barometer , a tracking that shows how we have changed our habits and how the different sectors.

    This seventh wave of the barometer shows the effect of COVID-19 from the eyes of several protagonists, archetypes that guide Sweden Phone Number us through their experiences. Download here the complete barometer for free MADISON barometer people In this new tracking we find ourselves in February and after the already proven pandemic fatigue, our feelings and habits continue to vary. We maintain ambivalent feelings: we feel somewhat more optimistic, but also more frustrated.

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    The ambivalence in our emotions is reflected in our sports habits: 3 out of 4, we do sports both at home and outdoors. Once all this is over, we will recover our physical shopping habits. We are more demanding throughout the online shopping process, to which we claim more free shipping and returns. Despite this longing for contact, in general, the physical and online shopping experience is valued similarly.

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