Devices for Providers the Importance of Interoperability

  • Do you know what interoperability is and how important it is to observe it when choosing an equipment supplier for providers? We have already mentioned that this is a factor that is essential to take into account when acquiring new equipment. For you to better understand what this means, we explain everything in this article. We will take all your doubts to make it simpler to choose your provider's equipment. Check out! What does interoperability mean? Interoperability is the ability of equipment to communicate and act with other equipment. A product is considered interoperable when it is compatible and works together with other equipment, whether from the same manufacturer or not.

    How important is it to choose equipment for interoperable providers It's important to have equipment for interoperable providers so you don't have to worry that they won't be compatible with other products your provider Argentina Phone Number has or may need. Therefore, before choosing a particular provider, it is necessary to verify that the equipment fits your provider's network in terms of service usage and standards . Because it's no use buying the best solution on the market if it's not compatible with the equipment your company already has. So, if your company already has certain equipment, before purchasing any other equipment to operate together, check with the manufacturer if the solution allows interoperability.


    Otherwise the equipment will not work together. It is only with this care that you will guarantee that your equipment will work with any other product on the market . Equipment unlocked In addition to verifying that equipment is interoperable, always prefer unlocked solutions . This means you won't have to rely on a single manufacturer to get all the other equipment your provider needs. Even because there are manufacturers that do not guarantee interoperability between their equipment, due to specific technologies and configurations. For example, equipment that is not fully unlocked may be interoperable with one manufacturer but not with another. This can limit your performance if you need to make product substitutions at some point. In practice, there is no point in purchasing a Cianet ONU , for example, which is unlocked, and trying to use it with an OLT from another manufacturer that works with blocked products.

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