Basic Analytics Metrics to Take into Account to Control

  • List itemEach web page is a totally different world they are created for specific purposes, they have their own needs, objectives and a market niche to target. However, every web page should be designed in tune with the company's general communication strategy. But, how to know that the web meets its objectives? To control and understand what happens on the web there are different tools that allow you to measure its good performance. The most common and standard is Google Analytics . In this case, we will comment on the basic analytics metrics that must be known in order to have frequent monitoring and, with this, have a global idea of ​​the trajectory of the web page. Basic Analytics metrics to keep in mind. Total visitors This is all visits.

    However we cannot keep this figure to ourselves since the total number of visits is not at all a benchmark for the quality of visits. For them it is better to break it down from Armenia Phone Number the rest of the metrics so that we have a more complete and detailed picture of the situation of the site. Unique visitors They are the visits by unique users without counting the number of visits that have returned. In other words, if a user on your website's blog has come to see three articles on three different occasions during a month, it will count as one. New / returning visitors As it sounds, the concept is the rate of new visits and the rate of visitors who return to a website.

    From cookies on a computer Google Analytics can differentiate whether a user is visiting a page for the first time or is returning. So, given the case, if a person enters a website from the mobile, they visit the same page again from the work computer and then visit it from home with the personal laptop. For google it will count as three different visits (unique visitors) and new ones. On the other hand, if this user were to visit the website again from his work computer, he already begins to count as a recurring user. Total Visits pageviews By default, Google Analytics shows you the statistics in a period of time of the last 31 days. So, in this case it is the most visited pages over that time.

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