Understand the Difference Between Sales Pipeline and Sales Funnel

  • Have you heard about sales pipeline or sales funnel? Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly necessary to know the difference between these terms, as they have become central themes when it comes to digital marketing. This is because, with the technological revolution, the act of selling has become something much more complex, and consumers have become much more demanding, since, with online commerce, their options have doubled. Therefore, in order to make a good deal and increase your company's profits, it is not enough just to sell, it is also necessary to create a relationship with the customer through a crm system , which serves to assist in this entire process.

    Check below the main characteristics of these two types of strategy, and understand the differences between them so you know how to use them in the best way. What is sales pipeline? What is a sales funnel? Which is better: sales funnel or pipeline? Download this post by entering your email below enter your Whatsapp phone number list here don't worry, we don't spam. What is sales pipeline? First of all, it is important to understand that both the sales funnel and the pipeline are metaphorical visual representations of a process to be applied in the company. The sales pipeline is nothing more than a set of actions that must be taken by professionals in the area.

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    With the aim of encouraging leads to advance in their purchase journeys. In this way, this tool can gather all the leads of a company and organize them according to the negotiation stage they are in. In addition, this technique can define what actions the sales team should take in each of the stages of the funnel, focused on making the lead advance in their purchase progress. What is a sales funnel? The sales funnel, as mentioned above, is nothing more than a strategic model that aims to show the journey of a potential customer, from their first contact with the company's services to the act of purchase. In short, it is a kind of map or representation of the path that the client will take until completion.

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