Mcdonald's Wants to Win the Customers That Starbucks is Leaving

  • McDonald's announces a movement that, in addition to reinforcing the presence of its brand, aims to occupy that place that Starbucks is leaving open after the strong crisis that this brand experienced. The fast food restaurant chain McDonald's announces a movement in the coffee shop market that, in addition to reinforcing the presence of its brand, would be aiming to occupy that place that Starbucks is leaving open after the strong crisis it experienced just a few weeks ago. This Wednesday the house of the clown Ronald announced the launch of two new products that will be integrated into its menus.

    These are Cold Brew Frozen Coffee and Cold SMS Marketing Service Brew Frappe, two drinks made with coffee that also have a touch of cold beer that will complement the classic of this type of drink; whipped cream and chips or chocolate syrup. McDonald's is the world's most valuable fast food brand with an estimated brand value of $97.723 billion, followed by Starbucks with $44.23 billion, according to data from Kantar Millward Brown. This is an ambitious step because they are drinks very similar to those offered by Starbucks and, coincidentally, it occurs only a few weeks after the company based in Seattle, United States, for one of the worst crises in its history, which forced it to close 8 thousand establishments. In addition, McDonald's announcement comes at the perfect timing to reinforce an ambitious strategy with which it seeks to grow its brand in the coffee sector, which includes, among other actions, entering the espresso category last.

    September as part of the "relaunch of McCafé”, as well as various promotions in this type of beverage for 2 dollars, something that according to the hamburger chain has worked in recent months to improve sales. But, when it comes to coffee service, Starbucks is the leader well above McDonald's, with revenues of more than 21 billion dollars against nearly 2 billion, according to 2015 data from Euromonitor. Although, for the company of the clown Ronald it is an area of ​​opportunity; Sales of refrigerated cold brew coffee in the United States grew 460 percent between 2015 and 2017 to reach, according to Mintel. Yes, to this we add that according to specialists, on the subject of coffee, in markets such as the United States, consumers are "less loyal and more conscious of costs", something that added to McDonald's strategy to reach the millennial consumer improving their shopping experience with digital menus and other tools characterized by technology , they could begin to gain ground on Starbucks, for something this company is also testing panels with digital menus, according to a report by Bloomberg.

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