At First It Seems Interesting and Offers Benefits

  • Microsoft has published a document where it highlights the advantages of the service and emphasizes that it is something optional, explaining the security measures that the service will have, data encryption, passwords and transmissions, sending a verification code to the user's mobile the first time you use the service and the commitment not to share the data with third parties.

    But it seems not to have been Phone number database enough since the first voices have already been raised warning of possible security flaws in the system, and it is that for some security experts they qualify the guarantees offered by Microsoft as standard, some minimum guarantees that do not offer security necessary for the importance of the data at stake. One thing is clear, these services of access to our information and automatic synchronization between different devices is no longer something that is offered to us as an added value to a product, but rather something that the user requires and claims.

    It is a necessity. It is therefore not a matter of doing or not doing, but of how to do it. It is at this point where we are and as for any new technology in which we find reasonable doubts about the security of our information, the best advice is prudence and apply the good practices that we all already know, such as avoiding connecting to through open Wi-Fi, have robust passwords, know the security and privacy conditions of the service and, above all, do nothing that we may later regret.

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