Who Do You Want to Sell to on Facebook

  • That is why it is good that you plan them: - What topic am I going to talk about? -With who? -How long is it going to last? -What is your goal? -Who is it addressed to? 4- Strategies on Facebook: video posts on Facebook It shares a characteristic with case 3. It is another strategy on Facebook that the Facebook algorithm likes . If you have a lot of visual content and are able to create it regularly, alternating photo and link posts with video posts works great to improve your Facebook page engagement .

    The videos start to play automatically when you play them, and it generates a lot of retention from the audience. But, as in the case of live videos on Facebook, they have to be interesting and engage the audience for as long as possible. 5- Strategies on Buy Email Database Facebook: customer service on Facebook Your company page on Facebook has to respond quickly to users who request more information, who ask something, who comment, who share our content. C

    ompany pages on Facebook that respond faster, less than fifteen minutes late, and a higher rate of more than 90% in effective responses, position better and gain more visibility on Facebook. 6- Strategies on Facebook: more participation on Facebook, more engagement Many Facebook pages seem dead, even though they have many fans. Why? There can be many causes, including: -Purchase of followers. -Followers gained via ads that are not the target audience.

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