3 Questions That Companies Should Ask Themselves Before Hiring

  • It is often difficult for the company to distinguish between quality advisors and others who are unlikely to achieve anything. For this reason, we list the first three questions that companies should ask themselves when deciding who to trust with their online marketing strategy. 1. Can you help me achieve my goals? The objectives can be diverse: brand impact or increase traffic to your website. But most companies should, especially in the online environment, set goals that can be measured: generation of business opportunities, sales or customers.

    It is essential to discuss each of the objectives with the consultancy and see what paths and solutions they suggest to achieve the objectives that have been set. It is also important that they tell us about cases similar to ours Industry wise email list that they have managed, to verify their experience So you have to ask yourself: What are my business goals, and how is this consultancy going to help me achieve them? Do they understand what I want and how I want it? Can you give me ideas to help achieve these goals.

    Are they good at the services I am looking for? Online marketing integrates several disciplines: SEO Web positioning, social media marketing, Adwords advertising (SEM), email marketing and others. The company must consider what is the necessary or ideal mix of actions to achieve its objectives. Answering questions like: Can I improve free traffic from search engines? What is my CPC in Adwords? Up to what level would it be profitable for me to invest? Does presence in social networks make .

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