Who is the author and what is his identity

  • It's easy to imagine how an author can feel overwhelmed by the energy needed to produce a book cover, so that the work attracts attention and stands out from the multitude of publications that come out each year. Describe the image in a couple words Via Nevergohungry Everyone knows these days that readers base their choices on what they see. They are looking for the familiar while wanting to be surprised by something fresh and new. Finally, they want to be able to proudly display their book in the subway. The number of books published each year is so great that a good book must communicate, through its cover, the value of what it contains in order to attract the attention of readers.

    In this short guide, we'll see how to create a book photo retouching service cover that makes readers want to read your story before they even see the first page. Before embarking on the design — The questions to ask The author is at the origin of the book, he must also be at the origin of the process of creating its design. Is he new to the book scene or is he, on the contrary, an established author? Has he written any other books previously that may have created specific design expectations among his audience? Does he have a graphic style already established for this type of work? The genre (science fiction, romance, action, detective, fantasy, horror, etc.) in which the work is registered can have an influence since some of them have been assigned a certain graphic style there are years of that.

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    Since the goal is for the book to sell, the cover should follow (or at least evoke) the graphic standards associated with the genre in question. A planet (other than earth) communicates a very clear message about the context of a story. The same goes for a tenderly embracing couple or a grim, abandoned landscape. The key is to take the elements everyone expects and find a new, creative way to make it their own. >>Learn more about book covers, all genres combined book cover A lovely cover by L1graphics that stays true to the recognized historical elements while still feeling fresh, modern and cinematic. book cover The covers for VE Schwab's Shades of Magic tip their hat to the fantasy stylings while also building a recognizable, gorgeous brand that is all their own Via Bookriot.

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