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  • This is a great technique if the images are relevant, irrelevant image placement just creates slower loading pages. 3. Don't Use Graphics When You Can Use Text One logo, no matter how small, could take up to 5 seconds to load on a website. While this may not seem like a great length of time, it could mean the difference between losing an impatient customer or getting the sale. If your logos or graphics are based on simple fonts, then why use a graphic when one line of HTML code can produce the same text effect? And it'll take 1/100th of the time to load that one line of HTML as opposed to the graphic. You can also learn - quickly and easily - how to 'jazz up' your own photos or images to add them to your site.

    For example, if you just need to prepare your GIF or photo retouching service JPG images for the web by compressing them so that they will load faster, check out the free, ready-to-use "image cruncher" utilities at . This software is really simple to use. It requires no knowledge of computers and it has a fast learning curve. that's available on the web. With all the free and inexpensive online resources available to budding web designers, there's no excuse not to have a site that's jazzed up just the way you want it to be - without having to get a university degree or spend six months profit to do it. How to Build Your Own PC - the Smart Way (part 2) Feb 2 1802 2009 Alan M Johnson Print This Article So you think you can build your own PC? A little knowledge is a dangerous and expensive thing if it all goes wrong.

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    This is part two of an article that dissects a PC build component by component illuminating the points about which you need to make wise choices. In the last article we looked in depth at the heart of the PC build The CPU (processor) The Memory (RAM) The Motherboard (main board) Now we will look at the remainder of the PC The Storage subsystem (hard disk or HDD) The Graphics Processor (GPU) The Case The Cooling (HSF or heatsink & fan) Design Select Standardise Optimise and Build The Storage (hard disk drives) When you save your work,Guest Posting run an application or game, stream or encode to disk or in any other way require to access to or from the permanent storage your disk subsystem offers you are constrained by its performance.

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