Ray Kroc unveiled the new McDonald's logo

  • Find the ideal graphic designer for all your graphic projects motion design Find a motion designer Logo Find a graphic designer web design Find a web designer Post an ad Are you a graphic designer? Create an account for free The “M” is slowly taking shape before imposing itself In 1961, . Defended by Louis Cheskin, the Golden Arches are there and a diagonal line crosses them. Below the symbol appears the very sober mention “Mc Donald's”. McDonalds golden arches logo If this logo is a first step towards the now famous “M”, it has the particularity of displaying the emblematic colors of McDonald's as we know them today, namely yellow and red.

    The choice of these colors is quite easily photo retouching service explained since yellow is the color of the famous arches while red is that of the food industry. As for the police, the very simple McLawsuit is already used. In 1968, place to the internationalization of McDonald's which, until then, only had restaurants in the United States and Canada. For the occasion, Ray Kroc wants to change the logo so that it appeals to the four corners of the planet. His idea is simple get rid of the two arches and join them to form an “M”. A graphic designer tackles it and positions the name “McDonald's” in the letter. The new McDonald's logo appeals and is therefore validated. It will be the identity of the brand until 2003.

    alt text

    M McDonald's Logo A final modification that changes everything? If a few changes are made to the McDonald's logo between 1968 and 2003, none will really manage to make an impression as these are minor changes that are sometimes barely perceptible. In 2003, on the other hand, it will experience an evolution that will be noticed. As part of the “I'm lovin'it” campaign – which will meet with worldwide success – Heye & Partner GmbH designs a new logo. The shape of the “M” is reworked and above all, a shadow appears behind the letter. McDonald's Im lovin it In 2019, McDonald's still "uses" this logo which has become a true symbol of globalization and the consumer society according to many people.

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