Rounded edges of sweetness to your business card

  • See if you need more sections or other changes. Are you satisfied with the final look? Now you press "Publish" to launch the AliExpress dropshipping site. Aliexpress dropshipping is a fantastic way to bring products to market without physical inventory. Be sure to take advantage of the features and tools offered by Strikingly to launch a hot AliExpress dropshipping site. Check out Strikingly and start your niche site creation journey today! Traditionally, what is the format of a business card ? If you answered rectangular, you have already scored a point. Need a graphic designer? Publish your ad on Graphiste and receive around fifteen quotes. Post an ad Are you a graphic designer.

    Create an account for free photo retouching service Juliette Bultel Graphic Designer 2D Animator Jonathan Zouari UX Designer Hoan-Vi Hua Illustrator Alexane Kerrec Icon designer Peter Birss 3D Modeler Julien Rambaldini Concepteur Vidéo Loolye Labat Designer Packaging Kevin Benabdelhak Web Designer Juliette Bultel Graphic Designer 2D Animator But did you know that you can mark many others with your interlocutors by opting for other forms? 1. Vertical We'll start by turning our heads a bit. And hop, here is your business card which passes vertically. It's not a big change, but it's still pretty underused to get noticed. Your card layout should think differently, but the print itself won't give your printer a stiff neck.

    alt text

    Vertical business card Business card made by BeverlieD, graphic designer on Graphiste 2. Lie down While staying within the rectangle, you can also stretch it out a bit. This practice allows you to stand out without showing too much originality. In any case, you will be sure to overtake your competitors (and you could even be used as a bookmark, if necessary). Long business card Business card created by Laura Normand and Jean-Albert Heckel Find the ideal graphic designer for all your graphic projects motion design Find a motion designer Logo Find a graphic designer web design Find a web designer Post an ad Are you a graphic designer? Create an account for free 3. by adding shapes… round! It can be just for the corners, or for the whole perimeter, with lines curved inwards or outwards, mirrored or not.

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