Email Marketing: Strategy to Grow Using the Influencer Newsletter

  • The email marketing is a staple of almost any brand strategy. This channel allows us to reach a large number of people at a very low cost and with highly personalized messages. And not content with this, it's also one of the most versatile and flexible tools in any Phone Number List marketer's arsenal. Email marketing is a true "chameleon" capable of adapting to all kinds of brands and strategies and enhancing other marketing actions. We are going to talk about a winning combination to improve the results of your brand: email marketing + influencer marketing. Do you want to improve your email marketing campaigns? Click here and get the free 1h course to optimize your emailings and the results. Email marketing strategy to grow using the influencer newsletter How to grow your email marketing with influencers The influencers can get your brand to people who had never heard of it, but they're part of your target audience.

    Thanks to the relationship of trust established between the influencer and his audience, users are more likely to trust his recommendation and end up converting. If you decide to use influencers to boost your email marketing strategy, sign up these tips: If you haven't already done so, it's time to thoroughly research who you are targeting . Once you are clear about who exactly your buyer persona is , analyze their social media usage habits. Which influencers do you follow and why? Do a market study of the influencers in your sector and their audience profile. Normally, if you want to combine influencer marketing and email marketing, you are interested in using users who have a profile of experts in their sector and who share the values ​​of your brand. More than the total size of their audience, look at the segmentation of their mailing list and the level of interaction with their followers. The typical strategy to combine email marketing with influencers is to have the influencer promote your brand in their newsletter to reach their audience. For this to work, we have to think about the timing of the customer journey and tailor the content type. For example, we can make the influencer share content from our blog to generate notoriety or directly choose to offer a special discount or a free trial to their followers.

    Customize your offer as much as possible. Email marketing is a channel that generates a direct relationship with the user, so personalization is key for our message to be effective. Together with the influencer, analyze how the users of your database are and design an offer that suits their characteristics. If necessary, you can also micro-segment based on different user profiles and adapt your offer to each of them. If you collaborate with influencers on a regular basis, remember that you can also take advantage of your own newsletter to increase the scope of the collaboration. For example, you can publish product reviews and photos of influencers in your newsletter, or link to social media posts that talk about your brand.

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