Bazar Shop WordPress template for large catalogs

  • Bazar Shop is the ideal template for online stores with a wide range of products related to one or several business areas. Immediate navigation means that the consumer can see part of the catalog as soon as he reaches the homepage. Once inside the page of each product, the theme allows the creation of a slide with several related products, which constitutes an advantageous opportunity. Now look: how many times are we not looking for one thing and end up opting for another? And how often do we want to buy a certain product and end up leaving the store with a full cart? On the Internet , logic works the same way.

    Bazar Shop is responsive and uses the Job Function Email Database plugin . This way you can easily customize your website. Remember that it is important that you actively participate in building your online store, applying a strategy that allows you to reach your consumers and win even more. Bazar Shop also provides a technical assistance service that will help you install and program your website if you have any questions or problems. Testimonials from people using the theme are largely positive and prove the flexibility of this excellent platform for online stores. Still, there are some aspects that are worth noting.


    We therefore highlight a list of the main features of Bazar Shop . bazaar shop Features of Bazaar Shop Has a shopping cart . – Allows you to zoom in to see the products. – It includes a popup plugin that you can use to show news or promotions. – The menus are divided into submenus . – Enables the creation of a product inquiry form . – Filterable FAQs . – Shortcode manager with more than 300 shortcodes. Discover the template HERE , browse the example provided and discover all the potential that Bazar Shop has to offer.

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