Steps to write a newsletter

  • It is important to note that the content sent by e-mail to clients and potential clients must be carefully planned so as not to risk being transformed into spam. It is important to remember that the newsletter contains a great diversity of content formats: texts, images, videos, e-books, among others. Well, to know exactly how to plan and write a newsletter, follow the valuable tips that we have gathered in this post. Select the type of newsletter content Before starting to write the emails for your newsletter, it is important to define what type of content best serves the objectives proposed in your company's digital marketing strategy.

    The contents that can be produced in the e-mail are the articles of the company's own blog, e-books, guides, white papers, cases, case studies, videos, company announcements, events, webinars and promotions. Define the issue to be addressed After defining the types of content, it's time to buy email database decide on the topic of your newsletter. It is he who is responsible for attracting and capturing the reader's attention. In this way, it is important to use creativity and originality, since the subject is the reader's first contact with your newsletter. It is necessary to generate an expectation in the reader to enter the e-mail and discover what the content offers, give a sense of urgency in relation to the information you want to transmit and thus avoid words and terms that can be considered spam. Remember to write short and direct sentences, but that mainly highlight the most important topic of the email that your company will send. Also avoid dealing with several topics at the same time. Ideally, your content should be shorter and there should be hyperlinks throughout the content.

    Take care of the newsletter segmentation To segment the emails that are sent by your company, you must consider the profile, characteristics, needs, desires and interests of your contact list. Try to understand what motivated the person to sign your company newsletter and from there, send the emails addressed to the correct readers. Invest in email personalization As well as segmentation, personalization is also very relevant to guarantee the effectiveness of the content of emails and your company's email marketing campaign. This is because personalization implies the humanization of the message and the greater scope and approach to the person of your business. One customization option is to include the recipient's name in the initial email greeting. This will make the reader feel that the email has been sent specifically to him, even if it is addressed to other people as well.

    By reading your name in the e-mail, the recipient has the feeling that the message is more personal, thus having a greater interest in clicking and reading the content to the end and for longer. Choose the best image The images must be chosen with sufficient criteria, as they can transform the visual of your newsletter. They are responsible for attracting the attention of readers, but remember not to exaggerate in the amount. Also take care of the resolution of the images and do not allow them to weigh on the e-mail, since it makes the opening slow. Give preference to compressed images. Make a marked goodbye Do not forget to prepare a goodbye fragment in your email marketing. The idea is to create an affective farewell, which shows proximity and trust for the reader in relation to your brand. This will also get the reader interested in clicking links throughout the content and even commenting on your business blog. Remember the footer of the email In addition to the warm goodbye, it is also necessary to take care of the details at the bottom of the e-mail, including important information, such as: icons of social networks, site, telephone, physical address and other data so that the subscriber of your newsletter can contact your company. It is also very creative to produce some call at the end of the e-mail to generate expectation in the subscribers of receiving a next e-mail.

    Do a test It is important to test the newsletter before actually sending the emails to the respective recipients. In addition to the review, as we explained above, click on all hyperlinks and Calls to Action (CTA) in the body of the newsletter you are going to send. The use of a specialized email marketing tool will also favor these tests and guarantee better results and the effectiveness of your company's digital marketing campaign. RD Station is an option for those who want to manage their email list with more security, agility and efficiency. Remembering that e-mail marketing is one of the best Digital Marketing channels available, mainly when the subject is a relationship with the audience. Remember also to quantify the results after sending the newsletter and always answer the doubts and questions of each of your subscribers. Also define the most important metrics to evaluate every detail of your company's newsletter campaign and learn from the mistakes you are making. Well, did you like the tips we've put together here on how to creatively write a newsletter capable of increasing the number of your brand's newsletter subscribers? If you want to know more information to create the best campaign strategy for your emails, subscribe to the content marketing newsletter and receive valuable information about everything that involves digital marketing.

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