Today you only use animations if they are useful

  • You will be able to use extensions in your text editors: Emmet produces clean code in its layout (opening tag aligned with the closing tag) and Beautify, at Brackets, allows you to re-indent it correctly if too many modifications have made a mess. Read also: Successfully redesigning your homepage: the guide 3. Sort your colors and fonts Directed by Edgardo Sanchez Bright pink and fancy fonts may work for a bank site. But if in doubt, keep in mind the impressions that each color leaves, so that you can immediately propose the tone in accordance with the message that the site wants to convey. Also, keep a few royalty-free, easy-to-read fonts on hand that you can quickly incorporate into your sites, if only for pre-projects.

    Place social media links correctly photo retouching service Directed by José Cielito Pfister This should no longer be a pitfall these days and yet there are still too many sites that do not know how to use sharing links to social networks. However, these small buttons are essential to contribute to success: From an article One page From a product... So you need to find the right location for them so that no internet user ever needs to search for them. And the same goes for the social menu bar that allows users to join a brand's followers! The share buttons will thus traditionally be placed at the bottom of the page, those of follow-up at the top. But continue to follow what is done on the net: there too, the good places can evolve.

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    Keep it simple to be effective Realization of beak A site that flashes like a Christmas tree and no place to rest your gaze, do you find that appealing? (if so, take back your time machine and return to our time). for the Internet user (and therefore in limited numbers). And you will no longer be able to overload a page so that the eye can immediately spot what is important. It is better to have several pages than just one which contains too much information! These are basic tips, but not all of them are followed today. Too many sites do not follow these codes and, from the start, take a wrong turn. Web design is not about flaunting everything you know how to do, nor making lines of code unreadable except by you.

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