Censor a Twitter Account: Censurator

  • Willfully blue penciling a Twitter account, that is an interesting thought! You might have seen messages in your course of events throughout the end of the week showing that a record had been blue-penciled. This is Censurator, which permits you to appear the impacts of the denials set up by specific systems.

    The application is done, and by blue penciling your own or a companion's record, you will see threatening officers dealing with USA Email Address List your symbol, your supporters, and eventually all that you compose on Twitter… Censurator reminds what had been set up after the oil slick off the Gulf of Mexico last year, and specifically the module to control watchwords connecting with BP. The drive points as a matter of fact to advance.

    The narrative Happy World Burma, the fascism of the silly , coordinated by Gaël Bordier and Tristan Mendès-France. A film accessible under Creative Commons: you can see and circulate it openly, and redo specific substance. The narrative is for sure loaded with joins, data, extra happy… A genuine film made for the Web, from a humorous point, at the end of the day extremely complete - and startling - on the Burmese tyranny.

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