Wechat Hosts Long Pictures and Texts

  • Wechat hosts long pictures and texts, toutiao is responsible for information, himalayas popularize audio, only pay for incubation, and lifestyle fast hands, performing the "birth" of the era of streaming douyin. Although the live broadcast in 2018 was "a short-lived" through the "live broadcast answering questions", it was expelled special email list from the altar by bitcoin and the blockchain after that, and it was stagnant. Having said so much, we can see that social traffic is transitioning from graphics to audio and finally into the video era, although it is foreseeable that the development.

    Of ar and vr technology and the leap of artificial intelligence will eventually lead human beings as a whole to enter the era of "virtual interaction". But right now, video is the trend. If the listing of iqiyi on march 29 opened the bat era of long videos, baidu-based iqiyi, Alibaba-based Youku, and Tencent-based Tencent video have all special email list imitated the PGC video production model of Netflix membership payment. The development vision of "abandoned" UGC with great passion and creativity. And this kind of "boutique content" is difficult to transfer because of personal preferences.

    Which further promotes the development of user ugc content in the field of short videos, and this is the core factor for station b to stand out. However, the threshold for user ugc content is too high, which limits the development prospects of station b, so there special email list is a need for live broadcasts and short videos. Limited to all kinds of "uncontrollability" of live broadcast, although the field of "short video", which is also subject to strong supervision, is also subject to frequent problems. But when su hua and zhang yiming successively confirmed that "algorithms also have values", short videos were already invincible.

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