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  • There is no possible informative self-determination that algorithms can exercise on behalf of individuals, since the human component is substantial, irreplaceable and basic for their exercise. It is not understood how a purely statistical process can replace the human exercise of Iceland Phone Number List a right, without falling into the tyranny of automated profiling based on a new bias, now blessed by regulations, which would be that of ethics impregnated in the design of the algorithm. That is why the redefinition of informative self-determination Iceland Phone Number List as dynamic informative self-determination is established as necessary, as a legal and protective limit against algorithmic dependency.

    The concept of informative self-determination Iceland Phone Number List that current legislation and doctrine handle is a static notion of this right, historical and conditioned to the context of its discovery, which did not attend to technical processing capabilities such as those possessed by artificial intelligence, which allow the relationship of data, the processing of large masses of information, sampling for processing, Iceland Phone Number List profiling, targeting, segmentation, etc .

    The foregoing is added to the practical fact that the consent of the person who owns the data, by which their right to informative self-determination is expressed, is Iceland Phone Number List generally provided in a single instant and prior to the processing of the data. Informative self-determination constitutes a truly personal, human and fundamental right, which transcends and differs in its breadth, since it encompasses other Iceland Phone Number List fundamental human rights in the digital age such as the right to privacy, intimacy, honor, confidentiality , image, identity, etc.

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