Christmas Web Sales Soared After the Blizzard

  • Snow-covered East Coast stores may be sparse this weekend, but shoppers are continuing to spend online. Retailers are promoting sales to ensure new discounts and gifts arrive in time for Christmas. A powerful storm along the East Coast from the Carolinas to New York could generate at least $2 billion in Super Saturday, according to weather research firm Planalytics. Traffic at the mall was down 10 percent on Saturday, but was up 65 percent Friday evening as crowds weathered the storm. Must-have one-stop-shop retailers like Toys R Us, Best Buy and Walmart are poised to recoup lost sales, Planalytics reported Monday. But not all trades were lost. Many shoppers, like Tina Bashlin, turned on their computers to take down their Christmas lists. The bulk of the holiday shopping was buying gifts for eight people in Newtown, Pa. "You must have seen what I'm wearing," she said. "My hair wasn't washed. I had a big old sweater with a credit card in one hand and an address book in the other." He's been flouting email offers of free shipping and other discounts, but on Saturday, with more offers from stores like.

    Barnes & Noble and Staples, the 55-year-old said he'll give executive database them a chance. According to Web research company Coremetrics, weekend online retail sales were up 22.4 percent year-over-year. Saturday sales were up just 24.8 percent. The company also showed average store spending on Saturdays and more orders than on Mother's Day due to the weather's impact. Even online sales on Monday morning had shoppers rushing to buy for Christmas Day delivery. "This teaches consumers, and perhaps most of us, that we have time to get online right around Christmas," said John Squire, chief strategy officer at Coremetrics. Sellers were willing to promote these sales as well. has extended standard shipping to one day and is offering free two-day shipping on electronics. It will not release numbers for weekend traffic. Macy's website offers free Monday delivery and J.Penney offers through Tuesday. Shoppers are on the hunt for last-minute deals.

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    According to the Akamai Retail Net Usage Index, retail web traffic increased by 2.9 million visitors per minute on Saturday evening. In 2008, the Saturday before Christmas was up from 1.9 million, but that day — December 20 — is closer to Christmas than it is this year. 3.5 million people came in the peak minute on Sunday, compared with 2.2 million on the Sunday before Christmas last year. Numbers were approaching those levels on Monday, but did not reach their midday peak. Now that the storm is mostly gone, some brick-and-mortar stores are extending their morning deals from Saturday to Wednesday. Planalytics said stores are seeing longer hours and more advertising to get people to shop. Les Morris, a spokesman for mall operator Simon Property Group, said the mall operator was considering extending the time earlier this week to accommodate customers. Koprak oka

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