10 Amazing Whitepaper Examples

  • White papers are highly effective marketing tools when used right. They allow businesses to explain a specific product or service to clients or establish their company as an authority in the industry they serve. It is typically published as an official company document and distributed to potential customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Businesses often use white papers to promote their services or products.

    They usually include an in-depth analysis of a particular topic and a conclusion that offers value to target readers. Many companies use white papers to attract leads, particularly in industries such as technology or consulting. However, creating Image Manipulation Service a good one can be challenging—particularly if you're not familiar with technical writing. Learn all about white papers in this guide. It covers 10 white paper examples and tips on how to write one yourself. How to Write a White Paper: 1. Temenos White Paper 2. Zendesk White Paper 3.

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    Cognizant White Paper 4. Nucleus White Paper 5. BDO White Paper 6. BBN White Paper 7. Mdg White Paper 8. Cisco White paper 9. ADP White Paper 10. Sungard Availability Services White Paper What is a Whitepaper? A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that helps readers understand a complicated issue and offers recommendations for approaching it. Traditionally, white papers were used to educate readers about products and services, but they are now often created as marketing documents intended to persuade potential customers of their value. eBook vs. White paper: What is The Difference? White papers and eBooks are often used interchangeably or in the same context. But a few distinctions exist between the two, and it is important to know which one is appropriate for your business. eBooks There are many types of eBooks, but the most common ones are used to give an overview of a subject. They use a more casual tone geared toward readers who aren't experts in a field; thus, they're more conversational in style. White Papers White papers are best suited for readers who are already familiar with the subject discussed and want to learn more about a specific subtopic.

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