Marketing Portfolio: The digital identification of the future

  • The world is evolving at great speed and so is the digital age. In such a fast-growing environment, you have to stay current in order to keep up. So whether you're a young professional just starting to explore your options in the market or a seasoned professional trying to network, you've got a professional resume. You may even have an online resume that showcases your accomplishments and skills. But that is still a document that accounts for your professional career. To increase your chances of achieving your goals, you need to have a digital marketing portfolio that packs your entire personality into a single page website. A marketing portfolio is an improvement on the classic resume where you don't just tell recruiters and employers who you are, you show it to them in person. Rita Cabreal's website is a great example of a marketing portfolio that shows how different a marketing portfolio can be from a normal online resume.

    A marketing portfolio is more than South Korea Phone Number meets the eye. marketing portfolio Image taken from Strikingly user This article explores the concept of a digital marketing portfolio and shows you how to make a marketing portfolio on your own. What is a digital marketing portfolio? In simple terms, a digital marketing portfolio is an online collection of all your work. They can be photos, videos, blogs , projects or assignments you have worked on. Unlike a resume, which is a document of your accomplishments and skills, a marketing portfolio is a window into your world. This digital collection of job skills and competencies is essential for marketers looking to win the attention of recruiters and increase their chances of landing that dream job. Why should you create a marketing portfolio? Well, the direct answer to this question is simply because it's better. Gone are the days of carrying printed or paper copies of files and documents.
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    In the digital age, it goes without saying that you have to have at least one CV online. So why not have a marketing portfolio? To be more precise, here are some reasons to create a marketing portfolio right away. 1. Professional recognition Suppose you're thinking "who needs a marketing portfolio when you have a fancy resume that shows off all your accomplishments?" In that case, you don't realize what a marketing portfolio can do for your career. To get a call for the best positions in some of the best multinational companies, you have to prove your resume. And a digital marketing portfolio is the best way to do it. This builds your credibility as a high-performing professional in your field rather than an amateur who goes with the flow. 2. Unique presence A marketing portfolio creates a unique image among recruiters. Imagine that you apply for a job and hundreds of people apply. Even if you put together a vibrant, job-perfect resume, the chances of the recruiter coming across it are rather slim.

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