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  • We could say that all of us in our lives have met an enterprising woman . Our mother, grandmother, aunt, sister; In every family there is sure to be a woman who takes advantage of her skills to provide and provide. And it is that to be an entrepreneur you only need to have a good idea, passion to materialize it and form the team you dream of. However, you may ask yourself, why, if there is an entrepreneurial woman in all Colombian families, why does the man continue to play the role of entrepreneur? perhaps lack of opportunities, machismo… the idea that you only have time and energy for your home, and many other external reasons could justify this. The truth is that none of these cultural conditionings would overshadow us, if we had defended our capacities, instincts and abilities.

    But unfortunately we allow ourselves to be convinced that we cannot we do not want to, or worse still, that we are not. For this reason, today we take advantage of the month Bolivia Phone Number of women to remind you that in more difficult times, more biased by machismo and gender inequality, we have a Policarpa Salavarrieta who led her revolution towards the freedom of an entire nation. Or not to go so far down the timeline, we have a Shakira who, with her passion for music and the swaying of her hips, today earns enough to help thousands of children get a quality education. Who would have thought!... or a María Tafur who, through her “Give to Colombia” project, promotes the donation of foreigners to support the most vulnerable populations in the country.

    Today you will see more about the need for empowered women a success story of a woman (almost a girl) of flesh and blood, Table of contents [ Hide ] Why does the world need more women entrepreneurs today? Ginna Jiménez, a young woman who inspires to believe and support the field How and when to be a woman entrepreneur? WHY DOES THE WORLD NEED MORE WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS TODAY? You see, the need for women entrepreneurs not only occurs in Colombia, but throughout Latin America. According to a study by the World Bank , women represent 40% of the economically active population, but only 15% of this total own their own business or enterprise.

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